Ricarditoe Spiell

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treat Your Leather Shoes When Rainy Season

The rainy season is definitely unpredictable presence. BMKG reason alone ensures rain will continue until early March 2013. Very high rainfall intensity can often cause flooding everywhere.

Showers are very difficult to guess when it came, it's good you need to prepare everything from health and to the appearance. For those of you who love to use leather shoes while at work, you need to take a good care to keep your leather shoes to last.

Here are some tips to consider for leather shoes during the rainy season:

1. If the shoe leather is already submerged in water, do not perform drying to direct sunlight. This can cause the skin on your shoes to be cracked.

2. Things you can do when your shoes are wet because of the water, you can perform the air the dryer or by drying with a hairdryer.

3. Use a soft cloth and a fluffy brush to clean a your shoes from dirt. Do not be too hard when doing cleanup because it can make your shoes damaged skin.

4. Never wash your leather shoes with soapy water will make leather for shoes brightness waning.

5. Silica Gel should always be in your shoe boxes to preserve your leather shoes.

So it's best if the weather conditions are uncertain, should decrease use or use shoe leather because leather shoes while in the office alone. Given the highly sensitive skin shoes with water.